3 Environmental Remediation Services for Your Property

The presence of toxic waste in your property is dangerous. It can destroy the area, endanger the health of anyone nearby and raise public and legal concerns around you and the territory. It is important to hire environmental remediation professionals who can safely and expertly remove these materials. Depending on the situation, they can use different services to complete the project efficiently. 

Sediment and Debris Removal

The build-up of dirt, clay, sand and other debris at the bottom of a water body, also known as sediment, can have serious consequences. This type of pollution can disrupt the sea life, contaminate a population’s drinking water and reduce water depth, among other drawbacks. A remediation contractor can use high-end equipment and environmentally conscious techniques to restore the water body’s state, either though dredging or hydro raking. 


When soil in your property becomes contaminated, the poison can spread throughout the rest of the area via the wind or through groundwater. In a technique known as capping, remediation services boston ma install a layer on top of the toxic area, preventing it from contacting wildlife, water or other spread agents. There are many cap options at your disposal. 

  • Soil with vegetation 
  • Asphalt or concrete
  • Drainage (sand and gravel)
  • Clay
  • Geomembrane

The cap material, size and thickness depend on multiple factors, including the size of the area, the rainfall rate and others. Sometimes, you might end up needing multiple layers made of different materials. 

Wetland Restoration

If your business or property has wetlands, you know it is important to protect and restore them when they have gone through pollution or erosion. While the unique combination of wildlife, vegetation and thousand-year soils found in wetlands cannot be completely returned, restoration specialists can use fisheries, flood control and erosion prevention to revive most of the habitat. 

As a property owner, you need to protect your investment from any dangers, including hazardous waste. Consider researching these methods and others to restore your territory for years to come.   

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