Getting Ready To Bake

You are in the mood to bake a treat or you have volunteered to bring something to share with others. Baking can be a relaxing activity if you are prepared and know what you should do. Here are a few steps to a successful experience

Have Everything

Before you tie on one of your commercial aprons, you will want to go to the store and purchase your ingredients. Look over your recipe more than once and document the items that you need for what you want to make. An hour or two before you begin, set your cold ingredients out so that they can reach room temperature. These products, especially eggs and butter, combine and bake better if they are warm instead of chilled.

Be Precise

When you begin, be careful when you measure out your ingredients. Adding too much or too little can affect the outcome of your baking. Be certain that you are using the right measuring tool and that if you are weighing out food that your scale is accurate. Preheat your oven when you begin adding your items together so that it is warm enough when you are ready to put your final product inside. Be aware if your oven runs too cold or too warm and adjust the time or temperature accordingly so that whatever you are making comes out correct in the end.

Use the Right Tools

When your mix is done, select the right pan to bake it in. Using a smaller pan will end with an item that is still a bit raw and using a pan that is too large will result in your product possibly burning. If your recipe calls for the pan to be greased before you add the mix, you will want to spray it with cooking spray or wipe it down with butter to prevent your baking from sticking to it.

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