Immigration Laws and H-2A Visas

President Trump has not wavered from building a border wall for the southern border since he became the President of the United States. There are many programs which allow a foreign individual to either work temporarily or become educated in this nation. However, with the nationalistic approach that continues to consume a portion of the American consciousness, many visa programs appear to be in jeopardy. At the same time, many employers have begun looking for candidates who are either citizens of green card holders. This questionable at a time where farmers continue to struggle because of the trade war and cannot find suitable employees. It would be wise for h2a visa recruitment agencies to wonder how long these services will exist.

Becoming Illegal Aliens

A vast majority of foreign workers come to this nation through one of the visa programs and follow this process legally. The duration of a specific contract creates the relationship between the foreign worker and employer. After the completion of this contract, foreign workers scramble to find another employer willing to take them on legally. However, there are some who choose to overstay these visas and become illegal aliens. Recently, the United States has banned Ethiopia, the Phillippines, and the Dominican Republic from participating in the H-2A visa program for this reason.

Coming to Terms With Reality

The world has become more interconnected than it has ever been due to the internet and advancements in technology. While there needs to be a stringent immigration process to establish some form of order, the United States should not become isolate itself from the world at this time. Many foreign workers have skills and ideas that can help innovate specific industries domestically. Discriminating against a particular group of people in the year 2019 appears to be a complete waste of time for administrations.

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