Internet and Phone Systems for Business

The Aztecs back then used cacao beans as currency and would keep them in different sized bags to signify different values. The Aztecs were one of the first civilizations to have a central market and a common currency (the cacao bean) where people would barter and trade their goods. Later, the Italians found out that coins and bags were too heavy to carry, and thus created notes to signify that the owner of the note had the same amount in actual gold. In the evolution of business, up until now, there has been a system in place, and in this article, we will be discussing different telecommunication systems and Megapath ratings.

Systems for Business

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Aztecs had a system of communication which required people to be in front of each other in the central marketplace. Today, we can communicate instantaneously with anyone in the world, and can send money or purchase anything, at any time. Though communication spans more than just buying and selling, a business must have stable, reliable, and scalable telecommunication systems to be able to keep up with business expansion.

These communication systems also include a stable and strong internet connection, called a broadband. Broadbands allow multiple signals and traffic types to pass through, meaning you can use it for both your internet, fax, and phone systems. The reason we said “strong and stable” is because the pace of business today is so much faster than before that you run the risk of losing a customer due to poor communication systems.

A personal story I can share is one that happened just recently, about two months ago. We had just finished a trade show event where we got great leads. The event happened in a city eight hour away from where I live, and because we had to carry our booth, luggage, and other things, we decided to drive. On the way back, one of the more interested and qualified leads decided to chat with us through our website. This happened while we were driving through a mountain valley and had very poor connection. Luckily, the customer stayed on long enough that I didn’t lose her but imagine if my telecommunication company was a bad one, I would have lost her business right then and there.


In conclusion, this article discussed the importance of having reliable telecommunications when going into business. One of the most important items of telecommunication a business should have is a website. This topic can be explained in a separate article, but a website will need a good hosting company so that it loads as fast as the best websites on the internet. Studies have shown that the amount of time a website takes to load determines the retention rate of your customers. Our attention spans have decreased to that of goldfish, about six seconds, so our telecommunications must be fast enough to keep customers coming back.

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