No More Normal: How To Make Your Online Presence Absolutely Amazing


We live in a world where being average in many or most areas of life is acceptable and oftentimes encouraged. Yet if you’re really serious about obtaining results in the online marketing sector, know that average won’t cut it. Rather, you need to consistently operate in excellence to keep your audience’s attention and ensure that their eyes don’t wander over to your competitors. Luckily, there are millions of ecommerce strategies you can utilize to ensure that your online presence becomes absolutely amazing. Here are three of them:


1. Optimize Engagement.

If you’re really serious about making your online presence absolutely amazing, make sure that you’re focusing on engagement. Implementing this technique is imperative because it will show your audience that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them. This way, you can decrease the likelihood of them perceiving you to be a money-hungry business owner who simply wants to take their cash. Luckily, there are all kinds of effective strategies that you can utilize to optimize engagement in the online realm. One of them is Twitter polls. Twitter polls enable you to ask questions, receive answers, and begin dynamic dialogues with your audience that accelerate the relationship-building process. Note that your Twitter poll questions could be directly relevant to your brand. However, they could also be general questions or pertain to your personal life. A more formal, brand-related question that a gym owner might ask would be:


Which form of yoga do you prefer to practice?

A. Vinyasa
B. Baptiste
C. Iyengar Yoga
D. Yin Yoga


An informal question might be:

What should I post a photo of on my website next week?

A. My dog
B. My coffee mug
C. The blueberry pie I’ll be making for my cousin’s wedding
D. None-I should let you submit photos and post the best one!

Note how the latter question helps your audience attain a clearer understanding of who you are by demonstrating several facts about you. (You have a dog, you drink coffee, you are actively involved in familial activities like weddings, and you’re interested in communicating with your audience and building community by letting them determine the types of photos that will appear on your website.) On the other hand, the more formal question ensures that everyone’s mind stays fixed on your brand. It may be prudent to incorporate a combination of formal and informal strategies to ensure that you’re building your brand and your connection to your audience at the same time!


2. Utilize Social Media Optimization (SMO) Strategies.

In addition to optimizing your online presence for engagement, tap into the power of using SMO (SMO) strategies. These strategies will keep the lines of communication between you and your audience open. Note that one big benefit of constantly communicating with your audience is that doing so ensures that they’re constantly receiving new information about your brand. Once this happens, they’re more likely to remember your product or service line when it’s time to make …

Online And Offline Marketing 101: Tips And Techniques That Can Optimize Your Advertising Efforts


More and more corporate leaders are realizing that the world of business has become increasingly cutting edge and competitive due to intersecting factors like multiculturalism, globalism, and the rise of technological devices which enable people to communicate with one another in a remarkably immediate, organic manner. While many business owners fear that their companies will be left behind as other business owners devise elaborate, customized strategies to steal customers away from them, this doesn’t have to happen. By focusing on a key business-building modality like marketing, you can keep your company on track to attracting new clients and retaining the old ones. Below you’ll find just a few of many online and offline marketing techniques you can deploy to optimize your company’s advertising efforts:

1. Focus On Continually Creating Compelling Content.

One great way to make the most of your marketing efforts is by focusing on continually creating compelling content. Doing so is empowering because it lets your online audience know that they can count on you to consistently produce interesting, information-rich, entertaining content that will somehow improve their quality of life. There are many techniques that an individual can deploy to ensure that their content is consistently excellent. One is including a compelling call to action which encourages your prospects and clients to do something like make a purchase, join your membership club, etc. When your calls to action are both concise and clever, people are much more likely to take the course of action that you want them to. Also note that your text-based content must be scannable, meaning that people shouldn’t have to wade through lines and lines of text to find the information they want. Textual elements like bold headers and subheaders, numbered lists, and bullet points can empower you to ensure that your customers can quickly skim through your content to find the information they’re searching for.

2. Turn Your Existing Clients Into Brand Ambassadors.

In addition to focusing on consistently producing compelling content, make sure that you focus on turning your existing clients into brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are individuals who share your product or service line with other people in their social networks. There are many ways that you can increase the likelihood that your current customers will want to take this course of action. One is through the use of customized, dynamic referral programs that provide your existing clients with some sort of meaningful reward when they share your line with a friend, employee, or co-worker. The reward can be anything from a deep discount on their next purchase to coupons or promotional prizes!

3. Constantly Request Feedback.

Another technique that you can use to make the most of your marketing processes is constantly requesting feedback from your audience. This process can take place in both the online and offline worlds. For example, you can create a Twitter poll asking your online audience what they think about a recently released product. You can then use the information you attain from the poll …

Internet and Phone Systems for Business

The Aztecs back then used cacao beans as currency and would keep them in different sized bags to signify different values. The Aztecs were one of the first civilizations to have a central market and a common currency (the cacao bean) where people would barter and trade their goods. Later, the Italians found out that coins and bags were too heavy to carry, and thus created notes to signify that the owner of the note had the same amount in actual gold. In the evolution of business, up until now, there has been a system in place, and in this article, we will be discussing different telecommunication systems and Megapath ratings.

Systems for Business

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Aztecs had a system of communication which required people to be in front of each other in the central marketplace. Today, we can communicate instantaneously with anyone in the world, and can send money or purchase anything, at any time. Though communication spans more than just buying and selling, a business must have stable, reliable, and scalable telecommunication systems to be able to keep up with business expansion.

These communication systems also include a stable and strong internet connection, called a broadband. Broadbands allow multiple signals and traffic types to pass through, meaning you can use it for both your internet, fax, and phone systems. The reason we said “strong and stable” is because the pace of business today is so much faster than before that you run the risk of losing a customer due to poor communication systems.

A personal story I can share is one that happened just recently, about two months ago. We had just finished a trade show event where we got great leads. The event happened in a city eight hour away from where I live, and because we had to carry our booth, luggage, and other things, we decided to drive. On the way back, one of the more interested and qualified leads decided to chat with us through our website. This happened while we were driving through a mountain valley and had very poor connection. Luckily, the customer stayed on long enough that I didn’t lose her but imagine if my telecommunication company was a bad one, I would have lost her business right then and there.


In conclusion, this article discussed the importance of having reliable telecommunications when going into business. One of the most important items of telecommunication a business should have is a website. This topic can be explained in a separate article, but a website will need a good hosting company so that it loads as fast as the best websites on the internet. Studies have shown that the amount of time a website takes to load determines the retention rate of your customers. Our attention spans have decreased to that of goldfish, about six seconds, so our telecommunications must be fast enough to keep customers coming back.

Need funds? Here’s an Alternative Universe

Micro-businesses are still facing a hard time acquiring funds despite the new-fangled federal programs meant to better the flow of small loans. It’s no wonder a good number of entrepreneurs are still counting on non-bank lenders.

But what other options do you have?

Asset-based Lenders – They offer loans & business lines of credit which they secure using your inventory, account revenues and any other balance-sheet asset, i.e., machinery. Asset-based funding can be used to help handle cash-flow matters like payroll or inventory.

Peer-To-Peer Lenders – These are individuals or groups of investors willing to offer entrepreneurs loans through matchmaking websites. Sometimes they come in auction-like systems where lenders will provide you with the lowest interest rate offer if you win.

Factoring companies – They have been assisting retailers for quite some time. Such lenders buy your company’s business account receivables (which they collect themselves) at a discount. In essence, it isn’t a loan, but more or less like buying a financial asset and lending a business the instant cash it needs.

So do you love the idea of borrowing from an alternative lender? And if you do, how do you get the right firm to borrow from? Here are the factors to consider.


  1. The size of your business

Some Asset-based financial providers have a revenue cap which you have to meet to obtain their funding. Look for one that covers all your businesses needs and ensures their financing package matches you.

Sometimes a lender will refer you to colleagues who offer smaller deals if you fail to reach their cap, so it pays to ask for a referral. And if you need a tiny amount of cash, then peer-to-peer is a more straightforward option.


  1. How big a player you are in the game

Alternative lenders expect you (the firm owner) to hold a 50 percent stake in your ventures, up from 33 to 35 percent during tough times. No one is willing to lend a client 100 percent of the financing if they have nothing to secure it. So if you only own a small piece of your business then consider other merchant funding options.

  1. How qualified you are


With alternative lenders, sometimes you must be ready to present more paperwork than you would in a bank situation. In fact, don’t be shocked if they ask to examine your personal tax returns. Such lenders have a strict policy because they deal with borrowers who are otherwise considered not creditworthy.

  1. The cost of the funding


To calculate the total costs of borrowing money from a factor, you should ask yourself some detailed questions. Is there a minimum monthly cap you can borrow? Does the factor charge a wire-transfer fee? Do you pay a termination fee if you end the contract?

Author Bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has become a true asset for First American Merchant, the No.1 Merchant funding company. 

Choosing the Right Components for Your Lighting Needs

The lights inside and outside of your building are important to its safety and integrity. Without proper lighting, you cannot see to navigate the layout of the structure. You also cannot accomplish important tasks like filling out paperwork or meeting with clients.

However, the lighting itself relies on parts like an LED socket, base, driver, and other components to operate correctly. You can shop for these parts without leaving your home or workplace by visiting the online store today.

Selecting the Right Style and Size

Before you choose a socket for any light in your structure, you need to make sure it will serve both the style and practical purpose you have in mind. If you select a socket that sits too flush to the wall, you may not be able to use larger light bulbs in it. Likewise, if you choose a socket that extends from the wall, you may find it impractical to use smaller bulbs in it.

The website gives you a clear description of all of the sockets so you know what size they are and what they will look like after you install them. You can click on the picture of each part for sale to discover more about its dimensions and visual appeal.

If you are not sure what kind of socket you need, you can browse each category of parts for sale online. The website categorizes sockets by style, size, and purpose. You can click on each category and see what the sockets look like before you choose the ones you will ultimately use in your building.

Warranty Protection

The smallest of parts can play the biggest of roles in the function and safety of your building. You do not want to waste money on components that will only last for a few weeks or months. You want ones that will endure for years and give you a good return on your investment.

The website offers a warranty on all of the sockets for sale online. You can find out what the warranty will cover and what purpose it serves in helping you get the most use out of the sockets you choose for your work or home.

Shopping for sockets and other lighting parts does not have to take a lot of time or effort. You can find useful components for your lighting today online.…

Types of Insurance Every Business Should Have

From the very moment, your business is established, you’re faced with certain risks. One wrong move, accident, or unsuspecting lawsuit could put your company out of business before it ever gets started. Fortunately, there are products entrepreneurs can invest in to protect their small business in the event that something should go wrong. The right insurance policy, for instance, can provide financial coverage for circumstances beyond your control. Here are some you should consider investing in.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability insurance provides protection for entrepreneurs against clients who may file a lawsuit with claims of negligence, work mistakes, or undelivered services. Ideally, if a client claims that your services caused them to lose money as a result of poor performance, your policy would cover the costs of fighting the case in court and the expense of certain awarded damages to the client.

Property Insurance

Whether you lease or own your commercial property adequate insurance coverage is recommended. Such insurance provides financial compensation for inventory, equipment, and furniture in the event of a storm or burglary.

Car Insurance

Many businesses have company cars or operate from their vehicles to provide a service. If this is the case, you will want to have auto insurance for protection. Should you or someone working for you get involved in an accident, it would provide the same protections as your personal car insurance. You can find affordable policies by looking for companies in your area. For example, if you live in California, you can find car insurance rates sacramento from local providers.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you plan on hiring employees, you’ll need to make sure you have workers compensation insurance. This provides financial coverage for medical treatment, disability, and death in the event that an employee is injured while in the workplace and/or dies on the job.

Product Liability Insurance

Though you strive to manufacture products that are safe for your customers, accidents can happen. Should a customer get hurt while using your products, product liability insurance would provide financial assistance for legal counsel and any awarded damages.

Every entrepreneur has good intentions when starting a business. However, there are so many different risk factors to be taken into consideration. From disgruntled clients to injured employees and car accidents, getting the right level of insurance coverage now, can save you thousands of dollars down the road.…

How to get the best exchange rates to transfer money

Gaining the best exchange rates to transfer money is one of the difficult tasks because of the foreign exchange changes from minute to minute, and it’s hard to predict perfectly which turn they will take in the market.

Before sending why it is important to consider best exchange rates to transfer money. Many have property overseas and work abroad and make money transfers to their family members and much more. If you want to get the maximum out of your money, then you should know how to get best exchange rates to transfer money.

The gist of the exchange rate is the value of one currency for the purpose of converting it into another currency. These prices vary, fluctuate because of interest rates, inflation, consumer confidence and political stability. Let me tell you an example if interest rates in a particular country rise, then an investor will be able to gain better return in that country, obviously; there will be an increasing demand for that country’s currency. Then there will be best exchange rates to transfer money as the demand rises the currency upward. Currency fluctuation is a problem not just for foreign exchange traders but it is becoming a problem for everyone.

Now it would be wise for everyone who intends to send money as they will be losing money under their pocket if not given proper attention to it. So choosing the wrong option, like money Transfer Company offering low exchange rates can be your big mistake.

Before selecting any money transfer company decide to follow the below guidelines to get best exchange rates to transfer money. Let’s begin.

Do a proper research to know the trends, and identify if there are any positive signs of uptrends in foreign exchange in that particular currency. The best thing is to plan ahead rather than last minute exchange. When you transfer money with a currency specialist, Save the data.

How to find the best deal best exchange rates to transfer money

Also consider facilities to fast transfer, ensure your money arrives on time, not once, but whenever you need it. Get quotes, make transfers and know where your money is at present, track them. Select a brand that you can trust fully and give you complete peace of mind.

Well, a currency broker or currency specialist can save up to 2 to 4% of your transfer amount. Let’s say if you want to transfer money to Vietnam from Singapore, then for every on100,000, and this could equate to a saving of 4,000 with the best exchange rates to transfer money. Have you got the point? Why it’s worth to take advisors help before moving your money. You will be losing this 4,000 from your pocket if you are not keen on it.  Most of the big banks have set their exchange rate once or twice a day. Specialists can give clients access to live prices saving you money.

If possible, you can also find a currency specialist, before …

4 Ways to Control the Watershed

All must have seen the river before. But does anyone already know the definition of the river? The river is a large stream of water formed by nature, where river water flows from upstream, past the middle of the river, until it reaches downstream, until it ends up in the estuary.

The Watershed is a landscape bounded by topographic divide, ie ridge / mountain ridges that capture rainfall, store and then drain it through drainage channels to an estuary outlet. This is easy, if there are rivers in your neighborhood, and any rain drops will eventually flow into the river, meaning you are in the river basin.

Within a River Basin there are various ecosystems and land uses, such as rural, road, farmland, or forest. The figure that uses the land in a watershed is the people who live and utilize the watershed. Then if there is damage and disaster, who causes it? Of course people have a share in the damage and disasters that occur. Examples of disasters that occur are the lack of clean water and flooding. River water is getting muddy and floods are becoming more frequent when forest land is getting smaller. The relationship between forest and river water is about this. When the forest cover is so low, the rain drops directly into the available water channels to the river. It is not surprising that the soil is carried along by the river to form mud so that the water becomes less clean (although the water is less clean, also caused by the accumulation of garbage in the river). When the rainfall is high, while the water channel is not able to accommodate it, then there is a flood disaster. Therefore, it is very important to control the Watershed in order to repair the damage and avoid the disaster, by applying the good management of the Watershed.

Watershed Management itself is a human effort in controlling the reciprocal relationship between natural resources with humans in the Watershed and all its activities, with the aim of fostering the sustainability and harmony of ecosystems, and increasing the utilization of natural resources with humans in a sustainable manner.

Improve the quality of degraded (degraded) environments (diminishing and even loss of productivity and biological or economic complexity of a land) in the Watershed, for example by reforestation or reforestation, especially upstream, and using land according to their nature and capabilities. For example on a land with a slope of> 40%, it is not suitable for use as a seasonal cultivation plant.

Fostering the awareness and ability of the community to use and maintain the natural resources in a Watershed wisely, for example by doing counseling or training of land use is good.

Create and maintain artificial buildings that affect river flows such as dams, irrigation canals and Geomats – MacMat as you can see at It can control the flow of water that drains into waterways and rivers.

And the most important but simple is, not littering! …

Wholesome CBD-infused hemp milk set up to hit stores instantly

(NaturalNews) Almond milk seems to have steadily really been gaining acceptance over recent years. It’s very respected due to the fact numerous health and wellness benefits, as well as the fact that you should an exceptional vegan option conventional dairy food milk renders it all the greater. What more could nicely ask for?
Well, D Isted, your own psychotherapist as development advisor for Rawligion, has established a technique to make almond milk better still. This new hemp-based eat from Rawligion is named Relax, which is fairly the introduction. Isted has crafted a 100 % organic almond drink it also contains Central business district an effective compound as a result found throughout cannabis and thus hemp plant life. CBD, which is short by cannabidiol, been recently associated a good array off health edges. Wholesale CBD Isolate oil has been employed to treat seizure disorders, varieties of cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Additionally been would always provide rid of stress, depression, sleep pathologies and trouble. Studies have shown that and also really tone be chosen as a potent treatment pertaining to anxiety.
Most impressively, CBD is really a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it generates these wonderful health issues without developing a “high.”
CBD communicates with each of our endogenous cannabinoid system, assists maintain homeostasis in the body and might be one of the very most important physiologic systems by establishing tweaking health. Cannabinoid receptors as endocannabinoids could be found the actual day entire individual body; however present in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands as in impervious cells. And the cannabinoid circle performs many kinds of tasks several tissues, finish goal certainly the same: to keep up homeostasis. Cannabinoids support and thus encourage homeostasis on every biological level, all method down so as to individual tissue cells.
To place it simply, your endogenous cannabinoid system is crucial to individual life along with overall wellbeing. Our bodies are capable in synthesizing distinctive cannabinoid compounds, which are notable for as “endocannabinoids,” but a lot of our cannabinoid product is capable of utilizing phytocannabinoids, while those seen in hemp as well as cannabis, too. It is this arrangements that presents CBD, along with the plants that it can be derived, their profound restoration abilities. Writing articles for, Dr. Dustin Sulak states:
In 1902 Thomas Thomas edison said, “There were never ever so a large number of able, element minds in the office on the of sickness as now, and each discoveries are generally tending in the the common truth a person can’t make improvements to nature.” Cannabinoid research is carrying proven them statement stays valid.
In any full in prescription drugs, the escalating prominence of it plant-based pills stands by themselves. The creation of a tipple that provides CBD vegetable oil will with some luck provide just yet another factor forward by using the verification of weed and almond for whatever they experience to advertise the universe. While many general audience medical brokers and over-inflated government attornies fall behind, it is undoubtedly clear those a gardening …